I. job job 1 [dʒɒb ǁ dʒɑːb] noun [countable]
1. JOBS the regular paid work that you do for an employer:

• What job do you do?

• I've applied for a job with the BBC.

• 1,200 employees could lose their jobs.

• tests to measure employees' levels of job satisfaction (= how satisfied they are with their jobs )

• The government would also assist the private sector in job creation for school leavers.

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Work is an uncountable noun describing the job you are paid to do or an activity you do regularly for money:

• What kind of work are you looking for?

Employment is a general word meaning work that you do regularly, and which an employer pays you for:

• He's looking for employment in the banking sector.

Position and post are formal words for a job, especially an important one:

• She has been offered a management position.

• He held the post of company secretary for many years.

A profession is a job that needs higher educuation or special training, such as medicine or law:

• Senior members of the medical profession have criticized the government's plan.

• He was a barrister by profession (= that was his job ) .

A trade is a particular skilled job, especially one that you do with your hands, for example carpentry or plumbing:

• He insisted that his sons learn a trade.

• Her grandfather was a plumber by trade.

Occupation is a rather formal word for a job or profession, used especially on official forms or for writing about the job someone does:

• Please state your name and occupation.

• Teaching can be a stressful occupation.

Your career is a job or profession you have trained for and intend to do for your working life, and which gives you the opportunity to be promoted (= move up through different levels )

• He plans to pursue a career in banking.

A vocation is a job, especially one that involves helping people, that you do because you have the strong feeling that it is the purpose of your life to do it:

• I always knew that I had a vocation for nursing.

ˈdesk job JOBS
a job that you do sitting at a desk in an office:

• She has a desk job with the police force.

2. on the job while doing a particular job:

• Workers are not allowed to drink on the job.

• on-the-job training

3. jobs for the boys jobs that a powerful person has given to their friends
4. a particular project or piece of work being done or planned to be done:

• The company lost out on several jobs because of the newspaper article.

• Some firms charge by the hour, others by the job.

5. COMPUTING an operation performed by a computer:

• You can cancel any print job in the queue.

  [m0] II. job job 2 verb jobbed PTandPPX jobbing PRESPARTX
job something → out phrasal verb [transitive] COMMERCE
to give work to a number of businesses, rather than doing it yourself; =CONTRACT OUT:

• Even important tasks were jobbed out to contractors.

* * *

job UK US /dʒɒb/ noun [C]
the regular work that someone does to earn money: a job with sth »

She applied for a job with an advertising agency.


Many people found themselves out of a job as a consequence of the global recession.


have/get/take a job


apply for/look for/find a job

create/cut/shed jobs »

The government is creating new job opportunities for mothers returning to the workplace.


leave/quit/lose a job


a paid/unpaid/well-paid job


The deputy Chairman has been appointed to the top job.


first/new job


a full-time/part-time job


a permanent/temporary/steady job


a Saturday/weekend job

a particular piece of work or task that needs to be done or achieved: the job of doing sth »

The job of redesigning the offices went to the lowest bidder.


The company continues to send many of its accounting and computer jobs to India.


Larger firms enjoy economies of scale, which means they can do the job cheaper.


Staff are currently paid by the job regardless of the time it takes.

a responsibility that someone or something has: »

It's not my job to deal with staff's personal problems.


The assembly's main job is to draft a constitution.

IT a task which is done by a computer program: »

a print job

do a good/bad/better, etc. job of sth — Cf. do a good/bad/better, etc. job of sth
don't give up the day job — Cf. don't give up the day job
jobs for the boys — Cf. jobs for the boys
it's more than my job's worth — Cf. it's more than my job's worth
on the job — Cf. on the job
walk off the job — Cf. walk off the job
See also DEAD-END JOB(Cf. ↑dead-end job), DESK JOB(Cf. ↑desk job), OFF-THE-JOB(Cf. ↑off-the-job), ON-THE-JOB(Cf. ↑on-the-job)
job UK US /dʒɒb/ verb [I]
to do work for different people without being employed by them permanently: job about/around/for »

After drama school, he spent eight years jobbing about from show to show.

See also JOBBING(Cf. ↑jobbing) adjective

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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